Our electric supply is supported by a diverse fleet of generating plants, providing more than 11,200 megawatts of capacity.

And our focus is on providing environmentally responsible and competitively priced energy, offering a diversified mix of electric generation through the use of coal, nuclear, hydro and wind. This diversity reduces our customers’ exposure to price volatility – and can help customers meet their green objectives.

How does our generation benefit you?

  • Having power plants means we can offer highly competitive pricing as well as experienced advice on market conditions.
  • With our plants located within the Northeast and Midwest, customers can rest assured that we will be serving this region with reliable power generation well into the future. 
  • Nearly 100 percent of our electric generation comes from low- or non-emitting or scrubbed plants, which means we’re well-positioned to meet future energy needs and adapt to new environmental regulations.

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Map of FirstEnergy Solutions' deregulated generation plants


Bruce Mansfield Plant
Location: Shippingport, PA
Generation Type: Coal
Capacity: 2,490 MW
Fact Sheet

Pleasants Power Station*
Location: Willow Island, WV
Generation Type: Coal
Capacity: 1,300 MW
Fact Sheet

W.H. Sammis Plant
Location: Stratton, OH
Generation Type: Coal
Capacity: 2,210 MW
Fact Sheet




Beaver Valley Power Station
Location: Shippingport, PA
Generation Type: Nuclear
Capacity: 1,872 MW
Fact Sheet

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station
Location: Oak Harbor, OH
Generation Type: Nuclear
Capacity: 908 MW
Fact Sheet

Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Location: Perry, OH
Generation Type: Nuclear
Capacity: 1,268 MW
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Gas / Oil

Forked River 
Location: Forked River, NJ
Generation Type: Gas/Oil
Capacity: 86 MW

West Lorain Plant 
Location: Lorain, OH
Generation Type: Gas/Oil
Capacity: 545 MW
Fact Sheet



Blue Creek
Location: Blue Creek, OH
Generation Type: Wind
Capacity: 100 MW

High Trail
Location: Elsworth, IL
Generation Type: Wind Purchased Power Contract
Capacity: 99 MW

Location: PA
Generation Type: Wind
Capacity: 277 MW


*Pleasants Power Station, owned by Allegheny Energy Supply, will be transferred to FES as part of the settlement agreement with FirstEnergy Corp.

Environmental Disclosure Reports

If you would like to know more about how our energy is generated, you can view our most recent Environmental Disclosure report:

New Jersey


Last Modified: October 23, 2018